Gibbons Park – Trails Open London

Trails Open

Trails Open London was a great event that happened this past weekend. I got to explore a few trails that I didn’t even know about. That was the point of this inaugural event.

Gibbons Park

Gibbons Park was the second site that I visited for Trails Open. It is located only a few kilometers from downtown London, Ontario.

London Pacers

The London Pacers hosted the festivities that included trail runs, kids’ races, and a race-walking lesson.

Mulit-Use Trail

I was glad that the London Pacers were there to serve as tour guides. Otherwise, I might not have know that the paved multi-use trail branched off into a cross-country trail.

Entrance to Nature Trail

It doesn’t look like the main trail but this one continues along the waterfront for kilometers.

Gibbons Park Nature Trail

It was a really nice run.

Group Trail Run

This is one of the very few times that you will actually see fellow runners in my photographic tours. I normally run alone. But it was nice having company today.

White Trail

The trail is clearly marked as well, which is a bonus!

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