Ghost and Laundromats Come Together in “Sheets”

Sheets by Brenna Thummler

Marjorie shouldn’t have to take responsibility for the family-owned business; she’s just a teenager trying to deal with her own grief. Unfortunately, her father fell into a deep depression after the death of her mother and wasn’t able to cope. So she had to step up, make sure the laundromat work got done, and take care of her younger brother.

Meanwhile, there is a young ghost who longs to be part of the human world again. One day, he sees Marjorie and is captivated by her. He plays inside the laundromat and makes a big mess. Customers are irrate and a local tycoon takes this as an opportunity to seize control of the property for his dream resort.

This might sound like a depressing read but it is quite the opposite. It’s an amazing story that will warm your heart.

The art is great and the subdued tones help to illustrate the depression the characters are feeling. The ghost world is drawn in such a way to show you that it exists on a different plane, as well. And although it is strange to see actual ghosts walking around wearing sheets, it helps bring that world to Marjorie in a time when she needs it most.

This is Thummler’s first original graphic novel, but hopefully it won’t be the last. It was a wonderful read.

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