Ghettosocks Interview

Chase: “All right everybody, this is Chase March here with Gamma Krush. We’re in Hess Village for an exclusive interview with Canadian hip-hop legend, Ghettosocks. We also have Muneshine, and DJ Irate with us. You can download this show for free, stream it with the player below, or keep reading this transcript.

So, Ghettosocks, have you performed in Hamilton before?”

Ghettosocks: “I think this is my first time.”

Chase: “Beatbinjaz brought you through here. Very nice to see. You’ve been making a lot of noise recently. You won an East Coast Music Award. Congratulations on that.”

Ghettosocks: “Thanks, man.”

Chase: “That was off your ‘Treat of the Day’ album, a track you did with Edgar Allan Floe. How did you two come to work together?”

Ghettosocks: “I met Cesar Comanche, who is another member The Justus League, and we did some touring in Europe and Canada together. That brought me in touch with E.A. Floe and then we worked on a track. The rest is history. Award-winning music.”

Chase: “How did you fall in to hip-hop? You went to university for media arts, so was hip-hop a love of yours or did that grow out of your studies?”

Ghettosocks: “It was before. I went to school for a Plan B. Bring something to the art. Bring a skill set to it.”

Chase: “So when you were there, you just started doing shows and producing some of your own music.” 

Ghettosocks: “Sometimes I do, make my own beats.”

Chase: “Can you tell us a bit about your production? What kind of gear you use? What kind of things you do in the studio?”

Ghettosocks: “It’s a secret. I don’t share that information with the public.”

Chase: “Who is handling some of your production now?”

Ghettosocks: “I got some beats from the DJ Ollie Teeba from The Herbaliser. Muneshine provides me with beats. Bix, my homeboy from Alpha Flight and Wolves. He did ‘Don’t Turn Around.’ Who else? Jorun Bombay, Halifax godfather of rap. Fresh Kils.”

Muneshine: “Rich Kidd.”

Ghettosocks: “Suff Daddy, Freddie Joachim, M-Phazes, DJ Spinna, Boombaptist. Lots of dudes throwing beats. Too many.”

Chase: “A lot of those cats are Canadian too. It’s nice to see that we have such talent here. Several years ago we didn’t have much of a scene here. Several artists now seem very supportive and work with each other here now.”

Ghettosocks: “Yeah.”

Chase: “I think we should drop your track, the one you earned an East Coast Music Award for.”

Ghettosocks: “’Don’t Turn Around!’ Let’s get into that!”

Chase: “We’ll spin that and come back for more with Ghettosocks in Hess Village, here in The Hammer!”

Chase: “All right! We’re back! That track is wicked! I love that track. So, you’ll be performing later tonight right here in Hes Village. How important is it to get out there and tour?”

Ghettosocks: “Very important. You gotta stay visible. This show was a kind of a last minute, more grassroots, less official thing. But I think it’s important to get out to places you haven’t been or haven’t played. We’re out here for the love and trying to reach people out in Hamilton and show them what time it is. So, it’s very important to get out there.”
Chase: “I remember the first time I saw you. It was in a music video on Much Music. It was J-Bru’s ‘Help, I’ve been Robbed!’ That track was hilarious. I think that track was the first taste of Ghettosocks for a lot of people. Was that your first appearance in a music video?”
Ghettosocks: “That was my first music video, yeah.”
Chase: “J-Bru is from Halifax and put out a pretty decent album last year under Classified’s label, ‘Half Life.’ There is quite a lot of quality music coming out of The ‘Fax.”
Ghettosocks: “Word up. Big ups to J-Bru. Big Ups to Jay Bizzy. Shout outs to the whole Backburner camp, the whole Half Life camp.
Chase: “Awesome! Let’s drop that video right now for the blog audience. This is a bonus that will not be on the radio or podcast. Special for the Silent Cacophony audience.”
Ghettosocks: “Let’s do it!”

Chase: “All right. This is J-Bru featuring Jay Bizzy and Ghettosocks. ‘Help I’ve Been Robbed’ and we’ll be back tomorrow with more of this exclusive interview with Ghettosocks from the pub patio of Ceilidah House in Hess Village. Stay tuned!”

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