Getting Things Right

It’s often hard to get things done right the first time.

Life is one learning experience after another. And even though I am a teacher, I will forever be a student because I am constantly learning. That’s what life is about.

So here is what I learned this week.

1) Things never run smoothly

We pretaped the interview and it was a good thing we did because we ran into some difficulties.

2) Bumps in the road can’t throw you off course if you are determined

We had a hard time getting both members of Invizzibl Men on the phone to do the interview. I had to use my PC prepaid phone card to dial up one of them on the phone, But we couldn’t get the other one on the line and on-air at the same time. So Daddy J, the host of the show, got Spekt on Voip. And it worked.

3) Embedding a podcast on Blogger can be done

It took me a long time to figure out how to use this feature. And when I had finally did it, I didn’t think I had. The problem was that the player only shows up in a reader and not on my actually blog.

4) There are some excellent hip-hop blogs out there.

I’ve found quite a few this week. I know most of my readers aren’t into hip-hop but it certainly is amazing to see all these sites. I might be able to stop buying hip-hop magazines now and just read blogs.

4 responses to “Getting Things Right”

  1. Staying in a learning mode while you are a teacher must be quite difficult (seems like juggling to me :)).

    If you faced a lot trouble with embedding podcast, do blog about it somewhere so that others can find your post and benefit from it.

  2. Hi Chase. I liked your comment “Bumps in the road can’t throw you off course if you are determined.” So true, especially when you are moving towards what you are passionate about.

  3. Hi Chase – This is a great lesson in having a “plan b”. Although we love it when things do go as planned, being prepared for a mishap will often save the day.

    Your persistence paid off when it came down to you embedding a podcast on Blogger. Kudos for your determination.

  4. Hi Avani-mehta,

    I think learning is a life-long adventure. Everyone can learn something new everyday if only they pay attention and try.

    I think maybe I will do another post about embedding podcasts. Thanks for the idea.

    Hi Davina,

    Determination is a powerful force. If you have passion and determination, you can truly do anything.

    Hi Barbara,

    As a teacher, I have learned to be flexible and think on my feet. It’s an essential skill in this profession and in life in general. Thanks.