Get Social Online and in the Real World

got social mediology

Got Social Mediology by Jay Izso

Jay Izso looks at social media from a psychology stand point. He says . . .

“We have to understand the reasons why people are on social media in the first place: to engage with others, to be validated for who they are, and to enjoy the resulting positive emotions that lead to a sense of validation. Social media will always be social first and media second.”

Be a True Participant

That is something that we need to remember when we want to expose people to our art, music, or small business. If we go on these platform and just try to push our wares, we will largely be ignored.

But these online tools can be extremely useful. They can help us establish meaningful connections that are much more powerful that traditional advertising.

“What traditionally makes small business so successful is the personal connection that such businesses are able to establish one person at a time.”

Building a real and sincere social media presence helps you do just that.

“People are on social media to connect with others, not to be sold to. If you respect that reality and play within its cultural norms and guidelines – as a genuine participant . . .  – you and your business will be rewarded with clients who will but from you for a lifetime and tell everyone they know that you are a someone worthy of doing business with.”

Learn and Engage

So, learn about the places people congregate online and engage them there,

“If people are in these social media worlds and getting so much from it, it only follows that when you become part of that world, you contribute to their emotional well-being. In turn, they will grow to know, like, and trust you, opening up opportunities for you to do business together as well as with their friends.”

The 3 Cs – Check In, Connect, and Check Out

“You do not have to be on social media all the time, or even most of the time; you just have to check in, connect, and check out.”

It Only Takes 15 Minutes 

“You can be effective with social media in two or three 15-minute segments per day for a total of thirty to forty-five minutes a day.”

Digital Immigrants Can Figure This Out Too

People under the age of 35 have grown up with the Internet being an integral part of their lives. Izso refers to these people as “Digital Natives.” He refers to the rest of us as “Digital Immigrants” and just like real-world immigrants, we can all learn to live in this new environment.

Jump In

So go ahead, give it a chance. The benefits can be spectacular. I have made some amazing connections online, built friendships with people I have never met, and collaborated on projects. All of these things have enriched my life and I am thankful for them.

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