The Gay Insult

Describing things as gay has become the latest all-encompassing insult.

“That’s so gay!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard those words or a variation of them. Kids, in particular, are using it a lot and it is starting to cross over into regular media as well.

I read a blog post this week over at Daily Writing Tips where the author was dumbfounded by the new definition of “gay.” She did some research and presented how this word has changed meaning several times over the past 700 years. It’s a fascinating read and I had just had to share it on Twitter.

I then thought that I should probably add an explanation to that tweet so I sent this one out right after it.

I find it offensive to use gay as an insult and wanted to make my position known.

Of course, Adam One made a great point that I just had to acknowledge.

The word gay is branded now so that the past definitions really don’t even apply any more in this day and age.

It seems that a lot of people don’t think describing something in negative terms as “gay” is a problem. It reminds me of when I was a kid and we would say that things were “retarded”

After a while we woke up to that as being an offensive term. The message got through. I must say that I rarely hear people using “retarded” in that context these days.

I think we need to stand up and let people know that this is an offensive thing to do now.

It really is all about respect, isn’t it?

I love that you can have a healthy debate on Twitter. Maybe we’ve raised some awareness on this issue. Let’s stop using “gay” as an insult and if we hear it, let’s stand-up and say something about it.

Stop the hate!