Fundraising in Schools

There are quite a few fundraising efforts happening at my school. Several teachers had started initiatives to raise money for field trips. As it stands there are about five classes involved in their own seperate fundraisers.

I don’t know why but this really rubs me the wrong way.

I just don’t feel like school is the place for extensive fundraising activities. It would be different if the entire school was involved in one project to raise money for a new playground or equipment that was needed for our school. I would whole-heartedly support such an initiative. But that isn’t what is happening.

I also don’t like being asked by members of every class to participate in their fundraiser. I don’t have much money as is. I like to help people out, and I already have, but I can’t continue to do so. And it seems that the demand for my money is only getting compounded daily.

I understand that some teachers have great ideas for field trips that will benefit the students. I understand that we don’t really get enough money from the school to make these trips a reality. I understand that fundraising is not seen as a bit deal and it is accepted. However, I feel uncomfortable asking parents for any money.

I want to take my kids on a field trip but I am going to try to find something in the area that can be done on budget. If the trip ends up costing each student a couple of dollars extra, I will just charge them that. I know that some parents won’t be able to afford five dollars for a trip. But I think I can donate that for two or three students if need be, and if it turns out half the class doesn’t pay, I’ll just cough up the money anyway. I think this can be a solution that we should all be comfortable with in my class.

This way I don’t have to feel guilty for asking for anyone else’s money. I can keep the gambling-type fundraisers out of my class and I can feel comfortable not donating to every initiative that comes around.