A Friend Leaves

When I first started writing my blog I didn’t even realize the power that it had. At first, I wrote simply for the pleasure of writing. I’d always hoped to pick up readers along the way but I never thought that these readers would become friends.

Family members and friends were about the only ones who read my blog those first few months. Slowly that started to change. I started to get some replies to my entries. When this happened it opened up my entire blogging experience.

I really enjoy reading the blogs that are listed in my side bar. The earliest links I included were from ECD and Alexis. Through the magic of the blogosphere we began to read each other’s blogs regularly and comment on them. I felt like I got to know them in some way through their writing. I never thought that this would happen but I have made friends blogging.

I do not really know the bloggers whom I call friends. We communicate regularly and give each other encouragement and feedback. I really enjoy this back and forth communication we have even if I do not know a lot about any of them.

Unfortunately, one of my friends has decided to pursue other interests. I just wanted to thank her for telling us in her blog. Her blog did not mysteriously go silent. Had that happened I would have been quite worried about her. I wish her all the best in every endeavor.

Goodbye Alexis! It feels like I have got to know you a bit since I first discovered your blog last summer. I hope you find everything you are looking for and success in life.

All the best!