Free Comic Book Day (Tomorrow)

Free Comic Book Day is a cool event that happens every year on the first Saturday of May. Pretty much all comic book stores in North America will be giving away comic books for free. There are often other freebies that will vary by store.

You can also meet some comic book creators and get your books signed by an artist of a writer.
Comic books are NOT just about super-heroes. There are so many different genres of books. Some books are written for a very mature audience. No matter what your taste in literature, you can find a comic book to suit you. 
Free Comic Book Day is FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT. 
The kids will love getting books about some of their favourite characters; Shrek, Iron Man, Toy Story, Superman, GI Joe, Sonic the Hedgehog, and many more. 
Kids can get a HeroClick figure as well. This year they are offering War Machine from Iron Man. 
Parents can pick up books as well. 
Make it an event. Go to a few different stores. Read together as a family. Have fun!
Free Comic Book Day is a great event that I hope you will have a chance to partake in this year.