Forest Instead of Condos

There are two small forest areas in my neighbourhood. They aren’t much to look at. But I often walk through them. It’s nice having a piece of nature within walking distance of my place.

I think these green spaces are underappreciated in a large city such as mine. Too many people would drive by this undeveloped land and see opportunity.

I walk past them and see opportunity of a different kind.

I don’t think, hmm they should throw up some townhouses here or perhaps an apartment or a condo. Quite the opposite actually. I see a place to enjoy nature. I see a place to take a walk through and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, if even for a moment.

There are a lot of great trails and places to go discover around the city. Some of the best ones are these small and often overlooked neighbourhood gems.

Let’s protect our green spaces within cities. Let’s use and enjoy these places to commune with the earth. I think this is the best way to celebrate Earth Day today. Go out and enjoy the great outdoors. That’s what I plan on doing today.

In honour of Earth Day I also plan on enjoying this song by MC Lars.

Check out the lyrics to this song on my commonplace book blog here.

2 responses to “Forest Instead of Condos”

  1. Chase, I FERVENTLY agree with you. My teeth clench everytime I pass a woodland with a huge “For Sale, zoned commercial” sign stuck into the ground — especially when my region overflows with acres upon acres of abandoned shopping centers, underused parking lots and other such eyesores.

    Why do we have to claim almost every square inch of the planet that is not underwater for our exclusive use?

  2. Hi ECD,

    You know what’s crazy?

    Every Earth Day schools organize neighbourhood clean-ups. We do this every year and manage to pick up a lot of litter in the process. But the very next day, it often looks like we haven’t done a thing.

    I don’t think Earth Day is serving its purpose. It’s a great idea but one day doesn’t really do much to change people’s thinking. It’s a shame too.

    I would much rather have just taken my class on a nature walk instead and let them experience and appreciate nature.