Forest City London Music Awards

The Forest City London Music Awards have published the list of nominees for the 2021 Gala that takes place at the end of Forest City London Music Week, June 6 -13, 2021.

The list is very impressive this year and features some of the city’s most deserving hip-hop artists and contributors.

Hip-Hop Nominees 

  • Exit Only
  • King Cruff
  • Ngajuana
  • Strange Breed
  • Sum-01
  • Typo

Fan Favourite

  • Sum-01
  • Tha Koala


  • Danny Gable
  • Tyler Stewart

The FCLMA has done right by the hip-hop community this year and it’s great to see. If any of the above names win, I won’t be disappointed. They all truly deserve it.

Room for Improvement

There are a few emcees missing from this list who had an incredible year in 2020 and deserved a spot at the big prize. I would have liked to have seen Shark and TempoMental in the hip-hop category.

I am disappointed that they are not having a DJ award this year. They figured that since the clubs and bars were closed most of the year that the “Club DJ” award was irrelevant. I would argue that DJs were perhaps more pivotal than ever in 2020. D-Nice had one million people watching him live on Instagram. DJs all over the world were embracing live streaming and London artists were no exception. London DJs were on the radio every week and continuing to bring music to people when it was most needed.

We also have some great radio shows that contribute to the local scene. I think the academy should add a radio show or host category and/or expand the contributor category.

I also think they need to redefine what it means to be a London artist. Residency shouldn’t be a deciding factor. Artists who were born in London or lived there for a considerable number of years and stay active in the local scene deserve to be recognized.

Let’s Celebrate!

No award show is perfect, but the FLCMA has made some good changes to how the nominee list was crafted this year. I am thankful that they listened to authorities in the hip-hop scene. I look forward to the celebration of our scene this June.

You can vote for your picks now.