Five Year Mission

Today I embark on my five-year mission. I think that it is important to set goals and work to achieve them. I have been writing for years but have just recently decided to get serious about it. I launched a website and purchased my name as a dot com address for a five year term. So my five year mission is to write, write, write, and to get something published.

I think this is an achievable goal for me. This year I completed a screenplay and a verse novel and I am currently working on a junior novel. I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head for a few books after I finish this new project too. I even have an idea for a non-fiction work that I hope to write someday.

So after years of writing a personal journal, I am now ready to start sharing my words in a variety of genres and formats. I am excited about this journey. And just like Star Trek, you can come along for the ride with me, every week as I update my blog. You can check my website for more information on my writing projects and samples as well.

I look forward to an excellent journey. And who knows, this might be longer than a five-year mission. With any luck, it will be the start of a promising writing career. And if it isn’t, I will continue to enjoy what I am doing and write just like I always have. Writing for writing’s pleasure. With that said, it is time to embark.