The First Silent Cacophony

I was doing some major cleaning and decluttering on the weekend and I came across something that I thought was lost – the original Silent Cacophony book.

I couldn’t believe I actually found it. I screamed out loud and jumped around at the discovery of this small coil notebook. It meant a lot to me and I always remembered it even though it had somehow gotten lost in the move or two I did over the years.

But I found it, a green coil notebook that I wrote in, oh so many years ago.

I flipped it open in anticipation of what I might find there. I knew I started writing this book when I was a teenager and, back then, I thought I knew everything. So I knew this book would have some wisdom contained in it. Maybe something I have since forgotten.

I want to share some of this with you. This week, and part way into next, all of my posts will be excerpts from this book. Keep in mind that I wrote it in the summer of 1995. I had a mantra at the time to keep it “unedited and raw.”

It starts off a little weird but my teenage voice definitely comes through. I hope that you enjoy this look back in time as much as I do.

Tomorrow, comes the actual intro to Silent Cacophony.

Stay tuned.

7 responses to “The First Silent Cacophony”

  1. Hi Chase,

    If I recall right, you wrote about that spiral notebook before. I’m so excited for you that you found it. Reading your first writings will be a real joy.

    I’ll be back tomorrow.

  2. I couldn’t believe I found it either. It was hiding in a box of books amongst a pile of other boxes of books. But I swore I checked there before.

    I guess it was hiding in plain sight. But it is found and I am glad that I can finally work it in to the real Silent Cacophony – this blog.

    I hope you enjoy this bizarre ride.

  3. That’s really fun when that happens. Not too long ago, I found a stack of spiral notebooks from my Junior year in high school. They were amazing to look through. You can never be who you once were, but if you keep your writing, well then at least you’ll always have a bridge where you can stand at the edge and gaze across to the other side.

  4. That is so true writer dad. It’s almost like old journals are a time machine. It’s like a portal to who you once were. Photos can’t really do that but writing can.