First of the Month Project

Ivan Ives is attempting something this year that could catch on and become the new trend in how music is delivered.

He launched his First of the Month project with a video and single for “All My Life” on January 1st. He will be releasing a new song again on February 1st, and continuing this pattern for the rest of 2010.

By the end of the year, he will have released 12 songs that will be sitting in an album in my iTunes.

I’ve decided to support this project because I really enjoy his music. I have yet to purchase any of his albums though. I have enjoyed them for free and I feel a little guilty about that.
I think any Ivan Ives fan should support this project since it will only cost us 99 cents a month. It makes it manageable to support an artist for an entire year and actually purchase the music that we love.

I see this as being the future of the recording industry. The old me would lament that this is the death of the album. But I don’t think this necessarily needs to sound that death knell.

I really enjoy his Iconoclast and NewSpeak albums and I’m sure by the end of the year, I will also enjoy his First of the Month album.

So here is the video for you to check out. It uses some pretty cool stop motion animation and apparently took him two months to complete. If you enjoy this video, please go buy the song from iTunes.

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