Females Are Killing It

In a recent interview, I asked Eternia why there aren’t more women in rap. This is what she had to say,

“I don’t believe that there is actually a lack of females in hip-hop. I think there’s a lack of coverage, oftentimes. I think that getting ourselves out there with multiple full-length albums, there is a lack of that with female MCs. But when it comes to every city, when it comes to every place I go, I find a multitude of females MCs everywhere I go who are doing their thing, holding it down, throwing events, on the radio, and actually doing things that MCs do to promote themselves in every city that I go to. So I know a lot of female MCs globally.”

The truth is that there are a lot of women in rap. We just don’t hear them. They simply don’t get the media attention. Hip-hop seems to be a male dominated art form, which is a shame because there are some amazingly talented female rappers out there.

I’m in the process of putting together a Ladies Night Spectacular for DOPEfm. Our goal is to do an entire overnight show that puts the focus entirely on the women who are making and performing hip-hop music.

I have a fair amount of female hip-hop that I can play during the show but not enough to fill the entire 7 hours of programming we do each and every week here at DOPEfm. So I started researching and looking for female rappers and what I found surprised me.

Eternia was right, there are tons of females in hip-hop.

A reader commented on one of my posts and suggested I check out Dessa. Thank you Adam!

I had never heard of this amazing artist before that. I searched her out because of Adam’s comment and was simply blown away by what I heard.

Dessa’s A Badly Broken Code is an amazing album.

I would be doing Dessa a diservice by comparing her to any other artist. She spits great underground hip-hop with witty and clever lyrics. She also sings on tracks that have a neo-hip-hop-soul-jazz sound. In this aspect she reminds me of Lauryn Hill.

The album is sonically beautiful and captivates from start to finish. I will definitely being playing her music on the show and I won’t wait for the Ladies Night Special either. She deserves to be in constant rotation of any respectable hip-hop show.

Here’s the video for “Dixon Girl” Check it out, and then go support this amazing artist.

One response to “Females Are Killing It”

  1. Hi Chase .. she has an amazing voice & what a video .. as you say an artist well worth watching.

    Thanks .. the rest I'm afraid I really can't comment on – being very out of that loop!

    Enjoy yourself though .. Hilary