Feeding Your Flame (Student Writing Activity)

Last week’s Will Smith video response activity was a success. I decided to try it again with another of his Instagram videos. This one has a few harsh phrases or words that might not be appropriate for your classroom (please watch it before you share it with your students)

Please write a 2-3 paragraph response to this video.

You Are The Company You Keep

Have you heard the phrase, “You are the company you keep?” What do you think it means? Are your friends just like you? Do you like the same things and think the same way as your one of your friends? Use examples from your own life and explain why this person is a good influence on you?

Who Fans Your Flames?

Who supports you when you are trying something new? Who is someone is your life who is always there to help you? How have them inspired you to become better at something? Use specific details and examples from your own life in your response.

Inspirational Video

Is there a video you have seen online that inspires you? Copy the embed code to your blog and write a response to it. Make sure to use specific details and examples from your own life to explain why this video is inspirational. What does it make you think of and why should other people watch it?

More Tips

Teaching Tip Tuesdays – a regular feature on this blog to share inspiration and ideas from my classroom to yours

We’ve got momentum now, thanks to Will Smith. Hopefully we will be back with another Tip next week. Stay tuned! I hope to make this series a weekly feature for the rest of the school year. Please forgive me if I miss a week here and there, life is extremely busy right now. Thank you!