FBP – Federal Bureau of Physics

FBP Vol 1

FBP – Federal Bureau of Physics: Vol. 1

The laws of physics that we take for granted seem to be broken. There are localized gravity failures, pockets of the city where time moves at a slower rate, and bubble dimensions.

We are used to the universe abiding by predictable constants. It is a terrifying world when the impossible is always possible. Hence the need for a government agency that helps to fight these local disturbances and protect the public.

The main character is Agent Adam Hardy. He is a bit of a slacker but good at his job and fulfilling the motto of the FBP, “Prevent and Protect.”

But things seem to be changing and not for the better. Not only is the fabric of the universe weakening, but people seem to be cashing in on it with the advent of Physics Insurance, and a conspiracy is brewing that just might topple the entire balance of the world.

I love this concept for a graphic novel series. There are so many things that are broken in our society. To see scientific norms being broken is probably a metaphor for that, but also ties into my belief that in order to understand our world we need to look passed science.

I look forward to reading more of this series!

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