Frequently asked questions when hiring a wedding DJ.

  • Can you provide music for cocktail hour and dinner?

    If you have a time between your wedding ceremony and the reception that requires background music, I can happily supply you with that service as well. If this is in a different room or location from the rest of your reception, there may be a additional charge for us to set up. I can play […]

  • Can you serve as host or MC?

    Along with providing the music for your event, I can also serve as your Master of Ceremonies. I can speak as little or as much as you would like. I can make announcements throughout the evening whenever needed. I will meet with you prior to the event to make sure I can pronounce everyone’s name […]

  • Do I invite the DJ for dinner?

    It is customary to order a dinner for the DJ. Some people choose to have the photographer and DJ sit together at a table that doesn’t include close family members. Alternatively, I can a bring a plate to the DJ station and be served there.

  • Can you provide music during the ceremony?

    I can provide suitable music for the ceremony. If you have an idea of what you would like to hear, I will work with you to make sure it fits perfectly for the ceremony.

  • How do you cater to a wide-range of musical tastes?

    Chase is skilled at “reading the crowd” and playing to a wide range of tastes. He plays upbeat music from a variety of styles and eras to please the diverse audience that will likely be at your event. He is an expert at blending together different styles of music to keep the dance floor popping […]

  • Do you take requests?

    I can take requests at the reception or ahead of time. I even let guests request songs via text message. I started doing so during Covid times but people loved it and I’ve kept it up. This lets people who might never approach the DJ, a chance to have their song heard. Some couples choose […]

  • What is a “Do Not Play” list?

    There may be genres, artists, or specific songs that you simply cannot stand. If so, please provide me with a “Do Not Play List.” I won’t play any of those songs or artists even if they are requested by your guests. After all, it is your wedding and the music should be exactly the way […]

  • Can we pick every song?

    It is your special day and you can plan as little or as much of it as you want when it comes to the music. Feel free to provide me with a list of songs you would like to hear. This can be as long as you want. Keep in mind that a typical four […]

  • Do you have my song?

    I have an extensive music library that spans a vast array of genres and eras. I will likely have the songs you would like to hear. If I do not have a particular song that you’d like, I will do my best to purchase it or play in on Tidal. Tidal is a streaming music […]

  • What is your DJ style?

    DJs typically fall into two categories. There are DJs who command attention. They use the microphone a lot, incorporate games, props, and interact with the crowd frequently throughout the night. The second type of DJ is a facilitator of the party. He or she makes sure the music flows smoothly, that announcements are made only […]