Fantastic Grade 4

I love playing with words and I love comic books. One day last year, it suddenly occurred to me that my class could be described as “Fantastic Grade 4” to play on the popular superhero team.

I covered the classroom door with butcher paper and decided that we should paint our door so that it announced to the whole school that we were indeed the Fantastic Grade 4 class. I decided to paint the leader of the superhero team, Mr. Fantastic. He has the power to stretch and bend his body as if he were made of plastic. We worked on the painting together as a class for an entire morning. This is what the finished door looked like.

This year, I knew that I had to try this again. The great thing is that since the Fantastic Four team has four members I would not need to repeat myself. I chose to paint The Thing this time. He is basically a rock creature, which ties in well to our science unit on rocks. It seemed like the logical choice this year. It once again took us half of the day to complete this painting. Here it is.

And next year, I think we will do the Human Torch. And then we could do the Invisible Woman. And then we could paint all four members of the team. I won’t run out of ideas for years!