Fanshawe Park – Lake Trail

Fanshawe Lake Trail Sign

Fanshawe Conservation Area is located in London, Ontario and it is a great place to come for a picnic, to visit a working Pioneer Village, and to experience all that natural beauty of the area.

Fanshawe Lake Trail

Today, we will be exploring The Lake Trail.

fanshawe trail

The Lake Trail runs through several types of terrain. It goes through the bush a few times, but keeps coming back to the shore line.

Hill ahead

There are a few hills along the route but there is fair warning for cyclists to slow down as they approach them.


I absolutely loved running this trail on the weekend.

Rowing Tower

The Doug Wells Control Tower is used to watch rowers as they train and compete on the water. This is one of the main training grounds in the area and has produced quite a few athletes.

Fanshawe Lake

The Lake Trail is 21 kilometers long. I only ran 3 kilometers of it today before turning around. There is a lot more to explore and I hope to go back soon.

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