Failure is Often the First Step in the Learning Process

Tony Hawk is the greatest skateboarder the world has ever seen. But he didn’t get there without some pain, hard work, and lots of effort.

He recently posted this on Facebook and I think it serves as food for thought.

In everything we do, there is a learning curve.

Tony Hawk didn’t fail with this painfully landed trick. It was merely his first attempt in learning it.

Remember that the next time you don’t succeed at something in your first attempt.

You should keep trying until you do.

Thomas Edison had a lot of failures leading up to his invention of the light bulb. He didn’t let himself get discouraged “because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.”

There’s some motivation for you today as you go ahead with trying to learning something new.

Do you have a story of failure that lead to success? 

Please share it below in the comment section.