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Doctor Who – Facing Fate Trilogy

I have really weird reading habits when it comes to comics. First off, I tend to read graphic novels out of the order in which they were released. This is due to the fact that I don’t buy most of what I read. I visit various branches of the public library and browse the stacks., picking up whatever interests me. It’s kind of a wibbly-wobbly way of reading, but it’s fun, and free. And perfect for this material. It is Doctor Who after all.

This book series takes place in the third year of David Tennant’s tenure as The Doctor. He has new companions but has been travelling with them for a while now. I didn’t read any of Year Two but was still able to get into this story and enjoy it.

It starts out with the Doctor being homeless and alone. He doesn’t have his TARDIS and doesn’t remember who he is. Fortunately, one of his companions breaks them out of the mysterious trap. She has some sort of psychic power or connection that will become very important in the course of this series.

I like that this story is based around an over-arching theme. It reminds me of the Bad Wolf story line in the television series and seems to work well with what Doctor Who is all about. This one deals with a species of beings that police the timeline, a community of clones, and a red TARDIS that seems to be connected to evil. What more could you want in a new Doctor Who story?

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