Evil, evil bottled water

Head on over to Beautiful Day Rule and read Karen’s excellent post on the cost of consuming bottled water. It is a great entry and definitely gives you some food for thought.

2 responses to “Evil, evil bottled water”

  1. It is evil stuff indeed, more damnable plastic in a world already drowning in the stuff.

    I about threw a plate at the tv yesterday when some commercial was extolling the virtue of new,individually-plastic-wrapped prunes. It’s as if execs sit around all day feverishly thinking up new and stupider ways to push more of that oil-derived, albatross and sea turtle-choking, non-biodegradable, probably-causes-cancer crap on us.

    And where does it come from? Nigeria. Burma. The Middle East. Venezuela. Russia. Not happy places.

  2. I know that it has become cliché but it really does help to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

    I reduce by not buying bottled water anymore. I try to reuse plastic containers as much as I can. I save my old margarine containers and use them for all sorts of things. So I definitely reuse. And I recycle as well. These are small things but every little bit helps.