Everything is Getting Smaller (Except the Price Tag)

I love Wagon Wheels. They make a nice snack for school since I know they are peanut free. I used to pack cookies for lunch but my favourite brands all either have nuts in them or they are processed in a plant that does.
I usually buy the family pack. It used to contain 20 individually wrapped snacks. That was perfect because if I take one in my lunch every day, the pack lasts for four weeks.
The last time I bought a package of these treats, I noticed that there are now only 18 Wagon Wheels in the pack. The price has remianed the same. The box even looks pretty much the same. The only difference is the number of the treats you get.
Shrinking the size of the product or decreasing the number of items in a package seems to be a new trend.
Remember when pop used to come in cases on 24?

Nowadays, most pop is packaged into packs of 12.

I was in the store yesterday and saw that these smaller packs were on sale. I went to pick one up and was shocked to see that there were only 10 cans in the case. I put the case back on the shelf. It was my silent protest for this lack of value. 
I am not old by any means. I find it hard to believe that the cost of a case of pop has doubled since I was a teenager less than twenty years ago. Back then, I could buy 24 cans of pop (in one case) for $4.99. Nowadays, we’re lucky to find a 12 pack selling for that price.

I don’t know why we are spending more to get less. It really frustrates me. I have started shopping smarter though. I try to anticipate my needs and only buys things when they are on sale.

Have you noticed a shrinking value to the products you buy?

What are you doing to compensate?

Leave a comment below and add to the discussion.

2 responses to “Everything is Getting Smaller (Except the Price Tag)”

  1. I also remember that as a child they were considerably larger than they are now, even in taking count for my change in hand size 😉

  2. Hi Angie,

    I thought so. I wasn't sure if I was remembering wrong or if they only felt bigger back then because I was smaller. Even granola bars seem smaller these days. Pop cans have gotten bigger though, so go figure.