Every Show Needs a DJ (WIB Rap Radio)

One of the lyrics in a song I played this week says, “Every show needs a DJ” and I couldn’t agree more. That’s why you get two hours of music mixed live on the radio every week here on Word is Bond Rap Radio. And hire a DJ if you are putting on a rap concert. You need one!

Lee Reed – The New Steal
Rifree ft Jabba the Kut – Beauty in Every Sky
Solar C ft Bes Kept – Open Trails
Dizz1 ft MED & Jimetta Rose – Hard to Breathe
Just Taylor – D3
Kool G Rap & 38 Spesh – The Meeting
Chris ORrick ft Fashawn – Bottom Feeders
Awaxx of The Rhythm Writers – Terminally Local
2Pac ft Scarface – Smile
A.G. – Magical World
J Scienide & Bozack Morris – Capeesh
Realio Sparkzwell ft C Rayz Walz – Bite on this Olive
TSP – Verbal Combat
Solomon Childs – Statik Bars
Beat Rabbi ft Deepspace5 – Return of the Real Hard Beats
Napoleon Da Legend – Gigantic Egos
MikeAll ft NoMC and Trcay Soman – Mic Issues
Ambition – Get Down (We Can)
Tongue Helmet – the unknown
Buck-N-Nice – Leader
Beastie Boys – Here’s a Little Something For Ya
Ill Seer – Lampin in Lambton
LEX – Phase Out (The Bullsh*t)
Malcolm Jay – Colours
ullnevano & MANHE – Time Wasted
Del & Amp Live – Gravy Train
Exit Only – Comic
Lee Reed – The Cost of Tacos
M.Sea – Lucid Dreams
TNV (That New Vessel) – Baggage Claim
INI – Think Twice
Cquel – Respect the Elements
The Roots – Break You Off

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