Eternia Throwback Interview (Word is Bond)

I am a huge fan of Eternia and have had her on my radio show several times over the years. The very first time I had the chance to sit down and talk with her was back in 2010 backstage at The Opera House in Toronto just before she took the stage for her album release party. That interview was done for DOPEfm on 93.3 CFMU and I am sure most listeners of my current show, Word is Bond Rap Radio, haven’t heard it.

I remastered the interview to present it again this week. I also did a brand new mixset of her tunes to kick off the show. She is preparing a new album right now and I can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us.

In the meantime, let’s listen to some of her great music, jump back to 2010 to relive the interview, and then close off the show with some brand new hip-hop.

Chase March – Word is Bond Theme
Rel McCoy ft Eternia – Peace
Eternia & Moss – Any Man
Jon Corbin ft Eternia, Ill Seer, and Rel McCoy – Without You
Shad ft Eternia – Love Means
DJ JS-1 ft Eternia & Ras Kass – Compositionz
Eternia ft Polyrhythm Addicts – Ladies & Gentlemen
Eternia – Real Frequency
Cesar Comanche & 9th Wonder ft Eternia -Up & Down
Eternia & Moss – Goodbye
Soulstice & SBe ft Eternia – No Place Like IT
Eternia & Moss – The BBQ (Remix)
Reef the Lost Cause ft Eternia & Scandal – Upside Down
Classified ft Maestro, DL Incognito, & Eternia – Just The Way It Is
Eternia ft Wordsworth, & DJ 3D – Putcha Hands Up
Thorts & DJ Silence – When the Wind Changed
Heiroglyphics x Uglypitch Records – The Who (MusoNi Remix)
SelfSays ft T.Calmese & Niles – Conan III
Justo the MC & DK – Effortless
IamGawd & Custom Made ft Oliv Blu & Brittney Carter – Chosen
Thunny Brown ft Ruste Juxx, Supreme the Eloheem – Gators, Wolves, and Generals
Pearl Harba – Goodbye
Napoleon Da Legend – Almost There
Wreckonize – Up At The Ceiling
TrueMendous ft Masta Ace – Emmet Till
Mike Titan & Jason Fanous Beats – That Dude Spits

Thanks for listening!

Original Air Date – Thursday April 8, 2021

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