The Escapists

It’s not often that I read a graphic novel and say “Wow! That was amazing!”

It happened with Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” and the again with Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ “Watchmen.” These two books deserve the classic status that they have earned in the comic industry. Both of those books took the genre of comics in a new direction.

I want to add another book to this list of comic classics. This book shows us the process behind the comics and features a story within a story. It is apparently a sequel but stands alone quite well. So without further ado, I add “Michael Chabon’s The Escapists” to my Recommended Reads list. (spoiler alert)

In “The Escapists,” Max Roth loses both of his parents. He discovers that his dad was an avid collector of the merchandise of the comic book character from the 1930’s called The Escapist. Max decides to use his inheritance to buy the rights to the long forgotten character. He hires two friends to help him create new comic adventures of the Escapist.

The book follows their trials and tribulations as the trio tries to start their comic careers in the so-called comics capital of the world, Cleveland. Anyone who has created art can identify with their struggles and passion.

This book is a great read. I happened upon it by accident. I noticed the name Brian K, Vaughan on the cover and picked it up on the strength of that alone. He is a brilliant writer who always manages to impress me. If you get a chance, read his work. I’m sure that you will not regret it.