The End of Summer – Boo!

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For me, there are two things that signal the end of summer.

1) The Canadian National Exhibition

The CNE has been running for just over two weeks and it comes to a close today. It’s a great fall fair and we have been there covering the event for DOPEfm.

Our radio show will be kicking into high gear this fall with some great content, interviews, mixsets, and specials. Please tune in every Saturday night or check the podcast.

This annual fall fair always lets me know that summer vacation is just about over. It is a warning knell that motivates us here in Southern Ontario to get out and enjoy the last little bit of summer.

And then comes

2) Labour Day

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When the death knell tolls and signals the definite end to the summer.

If you live in Southern Ontario and are not catching the air show at the CNE, then you really should be at the sporting event of the year in Hamilton. That’s right, Hamilton. And I’m not just saying that out of hometown pride.

The Labour Day Classic is always the best game of the year. It’s held in Hamilton every year at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

It’s usually better than the Grey Cup. The rivalry between The Hamilton Ti-Cats and The Toronto Argonauts is a lot of friendly fun. But, make no mistake, we are gonna win today.

Unfortunately, I won’t be going to the game today. It sold out early this week.

So, in a few short hours, summer will be over. Here is Buffalo Tom’s take on this theme.

Happy Labour Day Everyone!

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3 responses to “The End of Summer – Boo!”

  1. Hi Chase .. so pleased they won – just sorry you didn't get tickets to watch .. next year! I know Summer's almost over here .. still at least we get seasons .. I love the different takes Nature gives us ..

    I quite enjoyed the start of Buffalo Tom's take!

    Bye Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I couldn't even watch it on TV but I did catch it on radio. It sounded like a great game. Too bad I wasn't there. I like to try and go every year. Hopefully next year I will be there.

    Fall is nice, like you say. Here's to a great one!