The Easiest and Hardest Word to Say


Isn’t it?

It’s easy to say no to certain people in certain situations.

It’s hard to say no to some people no matter what the situation.

It’s easy to say no to things that you think people expect you to say no to.

It’s hard to say no to things that people seem to universally agree with.

Going against the grain is tough. Going with it is easy. Sometimes both ways can be declared with a simple, “No.”

So, one word, a simple two-letter word, a word that we have probably used a few times already today, is the easiest and hardest word to say. That word is no.

“The easiest and hardest word to say is no.
Only got two letters, only takes a second to say it.”
– Lyrics from Chuck D’s song “No” off the album “The Autobiography of Mista Chuck.”

How true!

5 Comments on The Easiest and Hardest Word to Say

  1. true that. very difficult to say even when it’s written all over our face.

  2. Hi Chase,

    That’s true about “no”. Years ago I learned to say “no” in an effort to have more time to myself and to also teach others I’m not a doormat.

    Sometimes I’ll soften the “blow” and say “Let me think about it”, but if the question needs an answer right a way, I’m not afraid to say “no”

  3. Hi Natural,

    It’s amazing that your body language can say no more easily than we can speak it directly.

    Hi Barbara,

    I know that feeling. I used to get taken advantage of a lot too. Sometimes we just need to say no, even if it is hard.

  4. Oh, I hate it, too. Hate the mean feeling that I get when I have to turn people away, cut them off, tell them to take a hike.

  5. Hi ECD,

    People need to realize that sometimes we have to say no. It doesn’t mean that we are being mean. In fact there are ways to say it that aren’t mean. But it is a difficult balance, isn’t it?

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