Dumfries Conservation Area Trail Run

It’s time for another photographic tour.

This time, I’m running the trails at Dumfries Conservation Area in Cambridge, Ontario.

This sculpture has an interesting story behind it. It is told in a plaque at the base of it.

“For approximately one hundred and twenty years, there grew a magnificent fifty foot red oak tree in the middle of short street in this city. In the year 1985, it was found to be a road hazard, and a decision was made to have it removed.

Concerned citizens who wished to save a piece of our history, presented the city with this sculpture, which is carved from the fallen oak tree, symbolizing the spirit of strength and unity of our city.”

I just happened to be in the neighbourhood this past weekend and was eager to try a new running spot. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was hoping this trail will lead back into the woods though.

It ran alongside a small river and this trail seemed to continue for quite a while . . .

But I took a side trail and ran up this hill . . .

It linked back up to a main trail but there were all sorts of side trials to explore.

I really enjoyed this run. It was a little gloomy looking outside and a bit cool, but I’m thankful that running season isn’t over yet.

Here’s a map of the trails that I found online.

It looks like if I’d stayed on the main trail, I would have had a nice 4 kilometer route. Instead, I diverted to the purple side trails and then connected back up to the main red trail. I kept a good pace and put in about 5 kilometers.

I’ll have to go back sometime and run it again.

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