Dragons Can Be Defeated

“The important thing about any story where you fight a dragon is not that you’re telling people that dragons are real. But that you’re telling people that dragons can be defeated. And that is a huge, true thing. And something that should never be forgotten.”
– Neil Gaiman, writer Beowulf from the DVD bonus feature “Beasts of Burden”

I thought I’d go back to the Commonplace Tuesday feature I used to run on this blog today. I really like this quote. It shows us the great power of metaphor.

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This is today’s post on my sister blog. I hope by posting it here as well that I have not broken any blogging protocols. I just really like this quote. And the movie really surprised me. I watched it on DVD this weekend. It was good.

4 responses to “Dragons Can Be Defeated”

  1. And I remember reading that that was the whole point of the old-fashioned fairy tales that people once told kids, fairy tales that we find grotesque and scary these days: good always won over evil.

  2. Hi ECD,

    Fairy tales have immense value. We seem to have forgotten that. They teach a lot of lessons in a way that kids can totally relate.

    I will be using Fairy Tales to start off my Language Arts program this year to help explore how we all need to act and behave in a classroom.

    Any Teachers out there?

    I found a great lesson plan for it on the net (Google “OCUP” and you can find it too)