Double Spacing Between Sentences is Not Cool Anymore!

I never really learned how to type properly. I’m not horrible at it. I can type fairly fast but I only use about four fingers and a thumb to do so.

I remember learning that it was proper to hit the space bar two times at the end of each sentence. For typewriters this was an important rule. It also helped to do so if you had a dot-matrix printer (I did by the way).

The problem is that with the computer fonts we have these days two spaces can often look wrong. It can also lead to some weird formatting problems.

I have always written paragraphs with two spaces after each sentence. I’ve been doing so for years.

Whenever I publish something online, whether it be a blog entry or a comment, I always check to make sure it looks okay. Sometimes the double space causes formatting problems and actually fragments a perfectly good paragraph.

I subscribe to an agent’s blog and he had a post on there a few weeks back about what was proper – one space or two. Most people voted that one space was better. I voted for two and decided that there was nothing wrong with it. I wasn’t going to change.

But then I decided that it might be good to change my habits to reflect the times. It has been hard to change. I always hit that space bar twice. So all week I have been going back and deleting one of the spaces. This is taking up a lot of time. Maybe after a while I will just automatically only insert one space. Or perhaps I am forever doomed to filling in that extra space for the rest of my life.

Editors will painstakingly have to delete all those spaces. They will curse at me and my old school ways. Or maybe I will get it. Does it even matter though? What do you think?