Don’t Flaunt It

I found this image on the ever captivating Tumblfrog site and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It really says a lot about how we perceive romance and love.

Most people don’t even notice the small signs of affection that many men and women share with each other while out in public.

I know that I like to hold hands with my girlfriend when we go for a walk through the trails or even down the sidewalk. I’ve never thought that this was flaunting our sexuality. Maybe it is.

Just think of how dangerous it would be two men to do the same thing. People would stare at them like they were doing something wrong. Certain people wouldn’t be able to handle it and would even lash out at this couple violently.

It’s safe and acceptable to flaunt heterosexuality in public. It always has been. In fact, I’ve never even thought twice about it before.

I don’t think anyone should have to hide how they feel about the person they love. Everyone should be able to walk down the street hand in hand with their lover.

I  shouldn’t feel guilty that I’m flaunting my heterosexuality, should I?

I know this campaign wasn’t designed to make me feel guilty. It was designed to challenge our perceptions and our tolerance.

I hope the day will come when we can all express our love without having to fear what other people will do when they see it. I’ve never been afraid to display small acts of  affection in public. I can’t even imagine how that must feel.

Love is love.

Let’s all express it and not hide it.

Let’s accept that people aren’t all the same and that love can appear in several different forms.

Hopefully this series of posters has got other people thinking about this issue as well.