Doctor Who Lego?

When I saw this fan-made Lego creation of the interior of the TARDIS, I was completely blown away. It was an incredible piece of art and something that I wished had come in a set. I would have bought it without a moment’s hesitation.

fanmade TARDIS Lego creation

You can find out about the construction of this wonder from Mr. Xenomurphy’s wesbite. His Doctor Who Lego creation is so detailed and breathtaking. I can’t say enough about it.

Doctor Who Lego kit

I just bought this kit. It’s not an official Lego product but it the blocks are compatible.

It also comes with mini-figures of the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory, and River Song.

I absolutely love that it comes with a mini-TARDIS as well.

When I have put together the console room, I will take a picture of it and share it with you as well.

Time to go play!

2 responses to “Doctor Who Lego?”

  1. You should get the Dalek saucer lego set from Character Building too…very sturdy set.