DJ Chase March!

I am now available for DJ bookings! I live in London, Ontario but am able to travel to your event.

Rappers Need DJs

I have been to some great rap concerts over the years. The one thing they all had in common was that there was a DJ backing up the rapper.

All of the bad shows I’ve been at, haven’t had a DJ. The music comes simply from a laptop or iPod. That just makes you look like an amateur. You don’t want that. Image is everything!


I have actual decks with coloured vinyl. I can cut and scratch and improvise whenever we need to during a set.

Reasonable Rates

I offer competitive rates!

Any Event

I can work with a playlist you provide, spin music from whatever genre you’d like, or I can specialize in what I do, golden age hip-hop with a focus on underground and independent music.

Book Me Today

Email me at chase(at)chasemarch(dot)com, contact me on Twitter, message me on Facebook, or find me out and about at the local shows! Thanks!

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