DJ Charlie Brown

Chase: “I’m here with Canadian Single of the Year and Toronto DJ of the Year nominee Charlie Brown. How’s it going, man?”

Charlie: “I’m good. It’s a beautiful feeling out here.”

Chase: “It definitely is. It’s nice to see this celebration of what’s behind the scenes. It’s not just about the artist and the person on the mic.”

Charlie: “It’s unity. It kind of brings everyone together for one night.”

Chase: “Is there anyone here that you are a major fan of and are just hyped that they are here walking around?”

Charlie: “I saw Maestro. Maestro Fresh Wes is in the building. He’s a legend to hip-hop.”

Chase: “We wouldn’t be here without him.”

Charlie: “Oh, for sure!”

Chase: “So which of the four elements of hip-hop are you involved in? Do you do more than one?”

Charlie: “I throw parties, I deejay parties, I co-produce records, I structure records, I tour. I do it all!”

Chase: “Very cool! What kind of gear do you have?”

Charlie: “I got ProTools, gotta have that. Turntables, got the mixer, Beats by Dre headphones, Mac computer. Everything is all set, ya know?”

Chase: “Any artists you’d really like to work with that you haven’t had the chance to yet?”

Charlie: “I saw Melanie Fiona. That’s very big for our city. I’d love to work with her in the future. But it’s guys like you guys that make it happen. The radio, with the support from everybody. It’s all unity. Everybody working together to get there.”

Chase: “We’re an underground hip-hop show – all volunteers. We just do this for the love. I know you get paid but it definitely sounds like you’re doing it for the love too.”

Charlie: “The love is first. If the love goes away then it just becomes a job. But definitely, it’s love. Creating your own name and doing things and being different will separate you from everyone else.”

Chase: “Thanks a lot, and best of luck tonight!”

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