Digging Through Archives (Aug 2018)

Chasing Content - August 2018

I’m hauling out the big machinery for this month’s installment of Chasing Content.

It’s time to excavate some of my past posts that would otherwise stay buried in the archives of Silent Cacophony.

So, grab a shovel and help me to unearth these gems.

Read all of the posts from last August

or just these highlights.

Word is Bond Remembers Aretha Franklin

We pay tribute to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, who passed away last week in this edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio. We start out with a story about her iconic version of “Respect” and the history behind the tune. Then work our way through 30 minutes of tunes that sampled her music, and close out the show with some new and classic hip-hop. [Keep Reading]

Hip-Hop Has a Birthday

August 11th, 1973 is considered to be the birth of hip-hop culture. Last year, Radio Western dedicated 24 hours of programming to celebrate. We will be doing the same thing this year as well.  It has become just one of our annual spotlight days. [Keep Reading]

Escape from the Library

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library is a book that I read for the Children’s  Literature class that I took last year. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I identified with the main character and his love for board games. It definitely didn’t fit my definition of a mystery either. Perhaps not all mysteries involve murder and gumshoe detectives. Perhaps there are more like this that require you to solve subtle puzzles and put together clues. If so, I need to read more. [Keep Reading]

Thanks Again

Hope you’ve enjoyed Chasing Content with me. See you at the start of next month for a new installment of this “best of” series.