Different Computer Different Temperament

I wonder why different computers seem to have different temperaments. I am on summer vacation now and am visiting my mom for a couple of weeks. She has a Mac that is more than a couple of years old. The computer works just fine for everything she wants to do with it. For me, though, it is being a little uncooperative.

The problem is that my flash drives will not work on this computer. Blogger doesn’t seem to load up correctly. I can’t even read ECD’s blog. It will load up but the type is just an incoherent blur. I don’t know why.

I don’t have much experience with Macs either. They work slightly different. At least I can still blog. I love blogging. Too bad some of my favourite blogs won’t load up correctly on this computer.

Just keep in mind that for the time being, I am having some difficulty with this computer. I will post but I might not be able to reply as often as I would like to.