Decadent December

Writers love alliteration. And we also love when our words speak to people. So to that end, let us revisit some decadent posts from last year at this time and get ready for the great month of posts ahead.

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Little Women Shines Bright

Remember last year at this time when going out to watch a movie was something people actually did?  I certainly do. It’s one of the little things that I miss, but thankfully, this movie is out on video now so we can all watch it again. I plan to do that this weekend. It was a great remake. I was really worried that it wouldn’t do the story justice, but it does. I think I might like Wynona Ryder’s Jo just a little bit more than Saoirse Ronan’s though. [Keep Reading]

The Wild Robot – A Great Read!

It’s not weird to enjoy children’s literature at my age is it? If so, I don’t care. I picked this one up because it was recommended to me via my library app.  When I started reading it, I almost put it down. The very short opening chapters made me think that this might be the type of fare that is strictly for kids. But I stuck with it and I am glad I did. It was great! [Read More]

A Ready-to-Use Blue Clue’s Activity Afternoon

I am so excited that Blue’s Clues is back on television. I wrote this lesson plan as a program for the public library. Preschoolers will resound in delight as they play the games and challenges in your classroom or library. I hope you will find it useful. [Get Started Now]

Great Teachers are Within Reach – Just Look!

It is easier than ever to learn something new. You could do it right now. Maybe you are learning things from reading my words. I hope so. It’s one of the reasons I maintain this blog. But if you are just surfing the net to be entertained, why not look for an opportunity to learn something at the same time? [Read More]

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

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