DC Universe DVD Collection

This is the second entry in My Proverbial Wish List.

It’s a box set of the animated movies from DC comics.

DC produces some great animation. Their movies tend to be a bit darker and are meant for mature audiences, unlike the Saturday morning cartoon shows.

My regular readers will know that I don’t have cable TV. I borrow movies and televisions series from the public library often and occasionally will spring for a rental movie.

I have wanted to see these movies for a while but I have only seen Superman: Doomsday so far, which I was able to borrow from the library. I must say that the movie was very well done and I really enjoyed it.


I hope the library will get the other titles in this series, but you never really know what they will order. These titles looks just as good as the above one. That is why I would like to get this box set for Christmas and am adding it to my proverbial wish list.

Here are the other 5 movies that come in the set,

Justice League: The New Frontier

Batman: Gotham Knight

Green Lantern: First Flight

Wonder Woman

Batman / Superman : Public Enemies

I’ve heard some great things about these movies and would really like to see them some day. This box set makes them affordable since I have seen each of these DVDs new on the shelf for about $20 each.

Could make a great Christmas present for any last minute shoppers that have comic book fans on their lists.

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2 responses to “DC Universe DVD Collection”

  1. Hey Chase:

    I picked up the Wonder Women DVD in Canadian Tire for 7.99 after Christmas.

    As you said, it is for mature audiences though…