D-sisive Shout-Out!

I have been following D-sisive’s career since I first discovered him in the 1990s.

I regularly play his music on my radio show. And before I landed on radio, I wrote about him in the university newspaper. 

A few weeks back. I played a fairly old D-sisive track that wasn’t released on an album. It was part of a few tracks he released to get people hyped about his new project.

As such, “Let the Buzz Begin” is quite an appropriate title and a banging track that I wanted to feature on The Word is Bond Rap Radio. 

I like to live tweet my playlist whenever possible. I sent this message on Instagram and Twitter when I spun the track live on 94.9 CHRW. 


D-sisive left a comment asking me to send him the track. At first, I thought it was strange. Why wouldn’t he have his own track? But in this digital age, it is easy enough to lose a file, so I sent it to him via Twitter.


And then a week later, he posted the song on his Instagram account.


with these very kind words about me . . .

D-sisive full

And it seems that I might even have inspired him to write a new song!

How cool is that?

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