Cyber Attack + Severe Winter Storm = Cyber Storm

Cyber Storm by Matthew Mather

Imagine that you were cut off from the everyday conveniences of life. Water no longer freely ran from your faucets. There was no electricity. Stores were closed and most of them have been completely looted. And to make matters worse, there was an intense winter storm that made it difficult or even impossible to travel.

If that weren’t bad enough, a string of Internet attacks completely shuts down access to the world wide net for all of New York and possibly the entire United States of America.

It was amazing to see how quickly society started fall apart amongst these tragedies. It was actually kind of scary. The story keeps you enthralled with suspense, action, and mystery. It is a lot like a disaster flick in that the main character is fighting to keep his family alive and safe.

His best friend is a bit of a conspiracy nut and has all sorts of rations and materials stock piled for just such a tragedy. He thinks all of this might be a plot from another government to take control of the USA. It could be just the first step in a full scale invasion.

I really enjoyed this book. It had its problems, but it was a good read. The ending could have been better. It felt like the author had to rush and explain exactly what happened to cause the disaster and destruction. At least we get answers and they make sense. But the real story is that of survival and how people act and behave when tragedy strikes.

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