Coyotes and Deer, Oh My!

I wanted to go for a trail run but I stopped short when I saw this sign at the entrance.


It was hours away from dusk but it was overcast and eerily quiet.

I decided to go for my run anyway. I took my phone with me. I figured I could play some music to scare away the coyote if I saw him.

I ran at a fast past, over the very hilly course and I was almost out of breath when I heard something off in the bush ahead of me.

I typed my password in to unlock my phone . . .

And that’s when I saw . . .

Deer in the woods


There were three of them in fact.

They were off to the side of the trail. I had to zoom in to get a good shot. My hands were shaky because this was a tough route and I had been pushing myself.

It was hard to hold my little phone steady when the zoom was employed. I got several blurry shots and this fairly decent one.

I have seen deer on about 1/3 of my trail runs this year. Some of them were remarkably close too. I just never had my camera with me to document it.

I’m glad I got that above shot.

Warble Boardwalk

I continued my run, half expecting to come across some more wild life.

But other than squirrels and chipmunks, I didn’t see anything else.

Warbler Woods

This boardwalk is nice though.

I have a more in-depth review with lots of photos if you’d like to learn more about Warbler Woods! 

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