Cover Songs in Hip-Hop

Cover songs are done regularly in every genre of music except hip-hop.

Why is that?

Why are cover songs so rare in hip-hop? Who has done covers and what’s the history behind them?

Let’s explore that today in the 90th episode of Know Your History, a documentary series that dives deep into hip-hop music and culture and can be heard on DOPEfm and Word is Bond Rap Radio.

You might be surprised at a few of the cover songs rappers have done over the years. I sure was when I started working on this episode.

So press play and remember, you better know your history!

Chase March – Know Your History Theme
Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh – La Di Da Di
Snoop Doggy Dogg – Lodi Dodi
Dana Dane – Cinderfella Dana Dane
Snoop Dogg – Snoopafella
Biz Markie – Vapors
Snoop Dogg – Vapors
Milli Vanilli – Girl You Know It’s True
Numarx – Girl You Know It’s True
LL Cool J – Doin It
2 Much – Wild Thang
Run-DMC ft Aerosmith – Walk This Way
The Fat Boys ft The Beach Boys – Wipeout
The Fat Boys – Louie Louie
Def Squad – Def Squad Delight
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy – California Uber Alles
Dead Kennedys – California Uber Alles
Special Ed – I Got It Made
Shaquille O’Neal – I Got It Made
Vanilla Ice – You Gots to Chill
D-sisive – The Reign
Blackstar – Children’s Story
Cypress Hill – I’m Still #1
QB Finest – Da Bridge 2001
People Under the Stairs – Family Ties
EPMD – Never Seen Before
Public Enemy – Timebomb
Xzibit ft Krs-One – Kenny Parker Show 2001

Bonus Mixset

Cesar Comanche & Poe Mack – Stillborn
DJ Freeze – Hard Concrete
Chadio & The Dirty Sample – Address
Starvin B – Just Like You
Necessary People ft Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, & PremRock – All I See is Wreck
Jyroscope & Montana Macks – Frozen in Time
Melly-Mel & Tone Spliff ft Mr. Lif – Nothing Personal
Recognize Ali ft Tone Spliff – Knowledge Wisdom Understanding
The Beatnuts – Hit Me With That
Real Live – Real Live Shit

Thanks for listening!

Original Air Date – Thursday August 12, 2021

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