Cooking It Up with Chef Borges – Word is Bond Rap Radio

Cooking it Up with Cheg Borges on WIB Rap Radio

Chef Borges is an up and coming emcee from London, Ontario who is wise beyond his years. He know his stuff when it comes to hip-hop. Not only does he dig for samples and produce his own beats, but he regularly listens to golden age greats such as Rakim.

He came to the radio station this week for a short interview and ended up taking over the whole show. The phone lines lit up with questions and compliments for the young emcee. It’s hard to believe that he is only 16 years old. He has room for improvement, that is for sure, but he is off to a good start. It’s nice to see young cats coming into the game proper.

Press play and enjoy the show.

And look for the new Word is Bond Rap Radio Christmas Special right here in just a few days. It will be posted on Christmas Eve.

Cesar Comanche – The Thief
Lee Ricks & BigBob – Bad Man
Jamil Honesty – I Am
DJ Supa Dave – The Gutter
Awful P – Rhyme & Reason
Miladic – Dreams (J57 Remix)
O.C. from N.C. – Reinvented
Chuckie Campbell – A Dream is But a Dream
Chef Borges – I Got Nothing to Lose
Chef Borges ft Yang Sax – East Park
Chef Borges – Vibe to the Rhythm
Cella Dwellas – Land of the Lost
Da Brat – Give it to You (Easy Mo Bee Remix)
Parallax – Coming Back
Kyo Itachi ft Keith Murray – Enjoy Yourself
Chef Borges ft Yang Sax – The Hip Hop Seed
Chef Borges – Freestyle Live
Run-DMC – Bounce
Dan-e-o, Thrust, Eternia, Big Kish, and Maestro – League of Legends
Hip Club Groove – Bay Oh Fun-Day
Jor’Del Downz ft Adam Bomb – Don’t Be Mad
Radar – Personal Hell
Method Man ft Redman, Streetlife & Hanz On – Wild Cats
Them That Do – Pick the Lock
ChangerMusic – Hip-Hop Love

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