Commonplace Book # 8

“Unfortunately ‘the truth’ simply isn’t available. If you are going to live intelligently in the modern world, you have to recognize that there are conflicting ideologies, and that there is no simple direct access to the truth.” – Bonnycastle, Stephen. In Search of Authority pg 8

I have been collecting a lot of passages about truth. I think that we can search for the truth but that we can never find it unless we explore different ways of thinking. I have commented about this on a few of my favourite blogs.

For example, religion, myth, science, and the humanities all have something to say about the truth. If you put your all faith in only one of these disciplines, you can never get the entire truth. I think we need to be open-minded.

I find a lot of truth in fiction. Writers share their version of reality and truth with us all the time. We need to tune into this.

Science gives us a lot of answers but also a lot more questions.

Religion and myth attempt to answer some of life’s questions.

So where is “the” answer? Is there a direct way there?

Who knows? All I know is that I try to keep my eyes and ears open for tidbits of wisdom such as the one above. I believe that the truth is already out there just waiting for us to piece it together. It is a jigsaw puzzle. I’m just not sure that all of the pieces are still in the box.