Comment Moderation – On or Off?

I have had comment moderation on my blog since I started it. I wanted to make sure that no offensive comments or language were ever posted on my blog. But so far, I haven’t deleted one comment because of this criteria. In fact, the only comments that I didn’t approve were spam. And that has only happened twice.

The comment moderation feature does not allow me to alter the comment in any way. It just gives me two options; approve or deny. I normally approve every comment that I get, and I wouldn’t want to edit anyone else’s thoughts anyway.

So, I’ve been thinking that maybe I don’t need to moderate comments anymore. I’m a little hesitant to cancel the feature though, simply because I want to keep my blog G-rated. But I think that normal people, and my readers in particular, won’t take advantage of an open comment format.

Most of my favourite blogs don’t seem to moderate comments. And they don’t seem to have a problem with inappropriate remarks. Besides, I can always delete a comment after it has been posted if need be.

I also like going to other blogs and seeing my comment appear immediately. Your comments won’t show up immediately on my blog. They only show up after I have approved them. My question is, do you like to wait? Does it scare you away from making a comment? Does it impede the discussion?

Man, I’ve got so many questions about this feature. But I’m still sitting on the fence. So what do you think, should comment moderation stay on my blog or should it go bye bye?

10 responses to “Comment Moderation – On or Off?”

  1. Comment moderation doesn’t turn me off or stop me from leaving a comment (obviously). Seems a matter of personal preference.

    My blog does not use moderation and I haven’t had any rude commenters yet. Fingers crossed it remains that way. If need be, I’ll enable it.

    I love the header of your blog, btw! Very creative!

  2. Hi Silverfish,

    Thanks for your input. I always appreciate it!

    Hi Linda,

    It’s nice to see that the feature doesn’t scare you off. I wonder if most people feel that way. Thanks for the nice comment about my header 🙂

  3. Hi Chase.

    My blog only moderates a new commenter. After that, comments are uploaded automatically.

    I prefer this as it saves time from having to moderate every time.

    But, I can understand where you are coming from and I appreciate that you are asking the question.

    I say do what you are comfortable with if your readers are ok with it. I am.

  4. Hi Chase,

    You know I’ll comment either way. On my WordPress blog, I have Akismet to block spam comments (I get a lot), but like you, I also like when my comment shows up right away. To me it says the system is working.

    I say turn it off and try it. If you start getting spam, you can always turn it back on. Plus, it will give you a little more free time to blog or visit other blogs.

  5. Hi Davina,

    I like the way your moderation works. Is there any way I can moderate comments the same way here? Thanks for the support!

    Hi Barbara,

    I’m not convinced yet that I should turn it off. I think I like having that control. After all it is my blog and I feel responsible for everything that ends up on it.

  6. I say take it off. How long will a comment be up there anyway if you want to delete it. I hate comments in moderation. I hate filling in those darn spam codes too, but I do it.

    If I get a comment that should be spam, I delete it. Only a few slipped through.

  7. Hi Natural,

    I think I will remove it next month. I am going to finally cave in and get the Internet at home. That way I can check it every day and delete things that shouldn’t be there if need be.

  8. Take it away, Chase. Believe it or not, the vast majority of bloggers are respectful when they post — I’ve only had one or two jerks ever post on my site, in the nearly two years since I started.

  9. Well, it seems that the common consensus is to remove comment moderation.

    Thanks for all the input. Much appreciated.

    I think you’re right, as usual, ECD. Thanks!