Comic Strip Newsletters

I went to a workshop last week and a fellow teacher told me that she does her newsletters in a comic strip format.

I thought it was a great idea for several reasons.

It’s Visual!

Large blocks of text often get ignored in this fast paced world. A comic strip is something that can be quickly scanned.

It’s Unique

The newsletters I’ve seen are pretty much all the same. Comic strip newsletters stand out and pretty much call to be read by everyone.

It’s Creative

It shows that we can get messages and stories across in a variety of different ways.

It’s Informative

You can get a lot of information into a short comic strip as you can see from the one I sent home earlier this year.

There are dozens and dozens of comic creation tools online. Many of them are free.

I wanted my newsletter to really look unique so I didn’t use any of those tools. Instead, I created myself out of Lego and designed this comic strip using a word processor. The drawing tools let you easily add speech bubbles, text boxes, and pictures to the frames.

Well, that’s it. My first comic strip newsletter.

Try it out!

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One response to “Comic Strip Newsletters”

  1. Hi Chase .. I think you learnt something really useful – just makes so much sense ..

    I must consider this aspect .. thanks for highlighting or reminding me about comic strip newsletters ..

    Cheers Hilary