Colour Wheel Lesson

Here is a cool art lesson that easily breaks down the Colour Wheel. I like how it uses shapes to separate the primary, secondary, and tertiary colours.

I found this resource years ago online and I’m glad that I printed it out because the website is no longer there. As teachers, we cannot assume that a great resource will always be available on the Internet. That is why I print off and collect resources in binders.

Since the website I got this from is now defunct, I thought it would be nice to scan the documents in so that I can share them with all of you. It’s also great to have this as a digital file since I can put it up on the SMARTboard in my class and work through it together with my students.

The website that I got this from was obviously trying to sell their specific art supplies but all you really need is Blue, Red, and Yellow paint for this to work.

Further down on this post, you will find detailed descriptions of the 3 colour families; warm, cool, and neutral.

How to mix the Tertiary Colours.

Paint the Tertiary Colours at this stage of the Colour Wheel process.

Primary Colours cannot be made from any other colours. They are the base colours from which the other colours can be formed.

Secondary Colours are made when two Primary Colours are mixed.

You get Intermediate or Tertiary Colours when you mix a Secondary Colour with a Primary one.

Neutral Colours are those not found on the color wheel, They are black, gray, and white. Brown, beige, and tan also fit in this category.

Well, that’s it. A straightforward lesson on Colour Wheels that is easy enough for primary students to follow along with.  I hope you have found this useful. Don’t forget to check all of the other Teaching Tips and if you have one that you’d like to share, please consider writing a guest post. Teachers helping teachers is what it is all about.

6 responses to “Colour Wheel Lesson”

  1. Hi Chase .. that looks an amazingly interesting post for the kids to learn colours and shapes etc ..

    Thanks – I've made a note for a future reference ..

    Have a good day .. Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I've tried to teach about the colour wheel several times before I came upon this resource. It really is the simplest way to teach it to young kids since it uses both shape and colour.

    I'm still a bit sad that the original website has been shut down. They had a few other cool lessons that I didn't print off. Oh well, at least we have these last few saved on my blog now.

  3. Well done Chase .. I emailed jannie with the link – because Kelly might like it while it's school out – lucky things – those were the days?!

    Sun here – it's bliss – escept I'm inside .. but lovely to see .. enjoy the day – Hilary