The Collective Inkwell Fiction Contest Entry

I submitted a story to The Collective Inkwell Creative Fiction Contest. 

My story is called “The Thought Alone.” I hope you will head over to read the entire story. 
The task was to build a story from one of two prompts. This was the prompt I chose 
b) How could she have known that simply crossing the street would mean so much?
Here is a brief teaser of my story. 


by Chase March

“You know how there are never enough hours in the day, how it seems that you need to move faster, get more done? I know you do. We’ve all felt it at one point or another. And sometimes that thought alone is enough to motivate us.”

Joe looked across the top of the podium and had to smile. He wasn’t sure that he’d be able to pull this off but so far so good. He was actually doing it. He glanced over at Jennifer, his daughter, to see if she approved of his speech so far. She smiled. That was all the fuel he needed to continue. 
. . . to be continued 

Sorry for that brief teaser but thems the contest rules. Head on over to The Collective Inkwell to read my entire submission. Please give me some feedback on either blog post to let me know what you think.